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Electrical Work

A modern car is full of electronics, wiring and electrical components.Every now and then something may fail. Maybe the electric windows stopped working, the wiper motor, the rear window heater, the seat warmers, the car radio, one of the loudspeakers, a bulb in the headlights, the fog lights, the tow bar plug or the electric sun roof.

Auto Electrical problems can arise for many different reasons; corrosion, loose connections, and burned up electrical parts can all cause electrical problems which can be difficult to track down.It isrecommended to immediately bring your vehicle at the first sign of an electrical problem to avoid further damage to the wiring harness. Wires can overheat and damage further if the problem is left unattended. If you need a car electrical service & repair shop in Dubai, we are the people to call!

No Worries! .. our team can quickly diagnose your Car’s electrical problem and give you upfront pricing to get the job completed! Remember that hiring a professional to diagnose your auto repairs will save you time and money, we know the proper way to track down the issue, and repair it correctly!